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Ranger Rick's 700 grain, .500 S&W bullets

Above is a .45 colt, a .454 Casull and the .460 S&W mag. The .500 S&W is like this but bigger.

Rick's Web site is and you can visit and see for yourself about these monster bullets. He calls them, Ranger Rick's Tyrannosaurus Thumpers. They are that. These loads kick like a mule and I (author-MDS) had to put two gloves on my right hand to help absorb some of the recoil to make shooting manageable. Gives new meaning to "Hand Cannon."

These bullets when seated to the crimp ring, still come short of the S&W 500 cylinder by about an eigth of an inch. They seat pretty deep also, and will compress some loads. Mine of 27 gr. of Lil'Gun just came up to the bottom of the bullet with almost no compression.

Here's what the bullet looked like after killing a Moose in March of 2007. Did a perfect job.

Master Bullet Maker
Richard Gibson
PO BOX 3064
Homer, Alaska 99603

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